Renovations done quickly and to a high standard

For those of you who want to renovate or redesign your home or business, the architect and decorator Giorgos Laskaris and his colleagues in Kefalonia are ready to help with modern ideas and high quality, stylish suggestions.

With many years of experience in modern and innovative construction, the firm can renovate apartments, detached houses, country houses, business premises, hotels and rental accommodation throughout Kefalonia and Ithaca with excellent results guaranteed.

of hotel units

Giorgos Laskaris and his colleagues will renovate hotel units anywhere in Kefalonia, and will ensure that both the owner and the customers who visit the hotel are happy with the results. Find solutions and modern suggestions for your hotel and make an impression in one of the most competitive industries!


premises renovations

Giorgos Laskaris’ firm gives particular importance to helping professionals who wish to renovate their workspace, and they can completely renovate any business premises. You will see the final proposal printed on a mockup so you can get a full picture of the result. The firm always respects professionals’ needs and aims to make the renovation process as quick as possible so that the space can be put back into operation immediately, without delays. They ensure that the project schedule is adhered to, that the work is overseen by the foreman and the project is on budget as these are essential to completing the work successfully.


The Giorgos Laskaris architectural firm in Kefalonia will make suggestions which are specially suited to your home and they will undertake the entire renovation project. Smart, flexible and fully customized solutions for the interior or exterior of your home, from the experts!


Take some simple steps to improve your home and protect it from the wear and tear of time and weather. Save money and energy, and upgrade its overall look and energy profile by turning it into a modern residence with:

  • Thermal insulation and waterproofing


  • Improved external appearance


  • Garden landscaping


The challenge for any professional architect or decorator is to make sure that people who trust their experience and taste are satisfied with the result. At Giorgos Laskaris, in Kefalonia, the firm will remodel your existing spaces to create a practical, functional and restful environment where you can relax and look after your own well-being. Contact the experts for:

  • Electrical installations


  • Complete renovations of any room, including bathrooms and kitchens


  • Ceiling and floor renovations


  • Insulation for interior spaces

  • Painting, papering and decorating walls, textures, plaster ornamentation